Hello world.

We are starting our activities with enthusiastic and we hope we can share culture knowledges.  I am an English teacher from this school since 2005 and this is an amazing experience. My students are anxious to talk with students from other countries, they have a lot to tell. Be our friend. Teacher Marta.


Teacher Marta

I liked a lot to work in this project. It was a good experience. It wasn’t easy, but we learned together. And The objective is update with  new english activities developed in this year.


This week our school went to playcenter a big amusement pak in our country. The ride was very fun we were in sometoys and came back home totally rattles because we shout a lot. We also were  a litte sad becauses it was the last time playcenter  functioned. But it was very very funny.



My name is Ariane am one of the members responsible by the blog. 

Well, tomorrow is saturday my mom wants to make a lunch for the whole family.

I am super lively, I love the whole family together!!




Hello we are the students  Ariane, karina from 8th and Erik and Flavio from 8th B. We are responsible for this blog, these last few weeks we will share with you our adventures, experiences and news ..


Happy girl

I am Ariane, I am fourteen and I am sentive, funny,sincere, I don’t like ignorant pople, sometimes I get very sad when someone hurts me.

My father is very cool, usually come visit me because he and my mother are separated. I call him whenever. And  my mother is a wonderful person, I love her very much.  She always gives me advice and is very affectionate.

My week

My week from monday to friday was fully equal, I have coffee and then have lunch then take a shower and go to school.

On Saturday I went to a birthday party,brother of my friends who turned 3 years old. On Sunday my mother did a barbecue for the family it was fun.


BY 8th E

This is the 8th E, a good class. This year our class has improved the performance of group work. We intend this new phase to mature and learn new things, such as meeting new students. Last week we had two English classes where we set up a project called:” My daily blog” .In all matters we help each other in many fun and lessons. We are together in class. And we do our best to evolve . Students at the school are good fun but very unpolite. But there are those engaged in pursuit of their goals. The school has some problems like all others have, but not with the same respect and dedication of Jacob. Our school is evolving every day thanks to the teachers, principals and students who take the great respect and they do their jobs. In this room there are different types of people, the cdf that always tries to give his best in materials and also always try to help each other and are always creative, hardworking and responsible.
The messy style that always try to make lessons but there are always some students that makes everyone laugh and have fun.

By Matheus from 8th D


Last Friday I participated to a party in my church I attend young group that received a ift and others thibgs. I was holdin a Brazilian flag and sang the national Hine. At the weekend In the morning I was playin against ateam from the street my team won from 20 to 9. See you.

Last Friday On 8th B

Last Friday we had physical education class when we played basketball. In the second class we did a work about Bullying. We wrote messages and one that we like a lot was “We can play, jump, have fun, but never makes someone stop smiling” we took pictures and drawed balloons as we were send messae for the students school.  In English class we started to write about our daily activities and took pictures again because we were finalizing our work in the english class. It was an interesting day, we enjoyed a lot.



Interesting moments in our school – 8th C

We are students from 8th C. We are wonderful, beautiful boys and girls, outgoing and polite. We are good at math, because our teacher is great, his name is Paulo. We learn a lot with him. At the moment we are learning “Fórmula de Baskhara”. Another class we like is physical education, there we play volleyball, basketball and handball. Today we are writing a collectve text about our group to post in : My Daily Blog” For english class. See our moments. In this photo Math teacher Paulo is among us.

Beatriz Cordeiro 7C